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Februrary 2022

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March 13

My friend likes to joke how this thing is masculine and that thing is masculine. For example, working out and getting muscles is masucline, and not being able to tell if someone has make-up on is masculine. It's really affirming for him, so I want him to continue what makes him feel good. But, it makes me uncertain whether I will subscribe to this idea of masculinity. I believe we can all define our own masculinity, feminitity, androgyny, non-binary, etc. So I just want to remember that pointing out make-up can be masculine too. And working out isn't just masculine. It's feminine and non-binary too!

I think the best way not to fit myself in those boxes of "masculinity" and "feminitiy" and so on is to invite EVERYONE into that space. Going to a gym? Invite someone who doesn't see themselves as "masculine" but loves to work out! Like, someone who is traditionally feminine. It can be feminine to work out too. And it can be a masculine thing to be able to point out someone is wearting make-up.

I just really had to get that thought out there. I do like working out, especially with my friends. But I don't want it to be a "masculine" thing. I want it to be for everyone. So I'm writing it to make sure I don't forget that gender expression is fluid and not at all exclusive. You can define your own way of expressing your gender, and it will be totally valid. Yeah!